Sunday, October 19, 2008

Duck Pull Toy ~ Puppy Blanket & Pillow

I am such a novice on taking pictures. Since starting this blog...I just started using a camera. That should explain to you images that are too bright... and images that are too dark. I need to put on my "someday to do list" a photography class. I get a BIG kick each time I take a picture and download it to the computer. I know...I am easily amused. Anyway...I will work on my skills and hopefully we'll see some progress as time goes on! Below is the "Duck Pull Toy ~ Puppy Blanket & Pillow" part of The Vintage Inspired Collection by My Vintage Blankie. I designed this collection to look truly vintage and to look as if your grandmother or great grandmother could of lovingly crafted these pieces themselves. There are two other blanket designs in this collection and each blanket has matching accessories. ~amy

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