Monday, March 15, 2010

Going Back

In my early twenties...I left home for the first time to live on my own.  I had just graduated from college and I had gotten a job as a flight attendant for a new start up airline called 'Best Airlines'.  'Best Airlines' had a total of two planes.  One plane flew trips around the Northeast and the other plane flew trips in the Southeast.  I headed down to beautiful Roanoke, VA to fly the plane that flew the Southeast route.  Now...for most young people moving to a quaint little southern town right out of college probably wouldn't be their first choice.  I couldn't have been more tickled to move there.  I grew up in Niagara Falls, NY and moving to where the temperatures were much milder seemed like a welcoming change.  In Niagara Falls we had our share of BIG lake effect snow.  Virginia seemed a world away from it all and I would be living down south where people had that southern drawl and things were slower.  It was very exciting to me. stay there was cut short because 'Best Airline' decided to cease their southern route and fly both of their planes up in the Northeast.  So off I moved to Hartford, CT but that's another story. 
  27 years later last husband and I stopped in Roanoke, VA unexpectedly on our way back home from Charlotte, NC.  It truly was coming full circle for me.

Entering the city....the star was still perched up in the mountains.  Roanoke is nestled in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains.  I was glad to see the star still there.  Seeing that landmark then and now was heartwarming. 

As a young woman living in Roanoke...I searched for a Catholic church to visit.  If I'm not mistaken there was only one Catholic church in the city back then?  At the time...I found that so strange because growing up in Niagara Falls... it seemed like we had a Catholic church on every other street corner.  I thought it was a beautiful church back then and I still do.  It was nice seeing it again.

We found this beauty of a hotel and decided to stay at it.  Welcome to Hotel Roanoke!

From the lobby looking out the weather couldn't have been more lovely this time of year and for us northerners it was delightful.

The hotel was built in 1882 closed in 1989 and reopened in 1995.   It originally had 34 rooms and now has 384 rooms.  It was bought by Hilton and is now a Double Tree property.  It is still referred to as the Hotel Roanoke.  They've newly renovated it and kept its original beloved character.  It is registered as a historical landmark but does not feel tired in the least.

It's all in the detail.

The red coats and blue coats.  History is being told here.

I enjoyed looking at the different light fixtures and here are a few I found at Hotel Roanoke. 
This light fixture was above our bathroom sink in our hotel room.

This rustic fixture we found in the 'Pine Room' in the hotel pub.

Here is one of the hallway light fixtures.

In the lobby the painting of the sky on the ceiling was lovely.

 This light fixture hangs near the reception desk.  It's there to welcome guests from around the world.

A short walk from the hotel was a wonderful farmers market.

Some of the historic architecture that is abundant downtown.

I didn't find out what this was a sculpture of but it was quite special.  It's made out of a  glass mosaic and it was a sight to see when the sun glistened on it.

Well that was a little blast from my past and I hope you enjoyed your visit to Roanoke, VA.  It was heartwarming for me to go back and I know when we pass through again in the future...we'll make it a point to stay at Hotel Roanoke.

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Jane said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful trip revisiting where you first lived after college. I have never been to looks like a very pretty city.

Martha said...

It's nice to go revisiting. What a beautiful city and what an amazing hotel!

Cottage Cozy said...

What a beautiful town and a lovely trip for you both! Breathtaking photos!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Amy, I loved that post. I don't get to travel much anymore and I almost felt I was right there in that hotel. I think it was the way you took the pictures..
the Pine room's light fixture was simply gorgeous they all were. When I think of all the fantastic place in the world that I will never makes me just a little sad. Thanks for sharing that with! :)

There is another blogger that lives that very town I believe. She will like this post a lot. I think she is fairly new to the town. I'm not sure.

Diane at The Blue Ridge Gal?
Thank you for stopping by. It made me smile to see your name up there!

Jackie said...

Hi Amy, the photos are great. I've been to Roanoke and it's a really pretty city. That hotel looks amazing. You were a flight attendant? I bet you have stories!!

Thanks for sharing this.


mbkatc230 said...

What a fun trip down memory lane. Roanoke looks like a beautiful town, and that hotel is fabulous. I'm glad you had a good time and thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures with us! Kathy

Sharlotte said...

Hi Amy,
Looks like you had a great trip! The city is just beautiful and your hotel is gorgeous! I'm sure you did have a great time with all your memories. Thanks so much for sharing!

Ebie said...

Such sweet memories to revisit. I could see the beautiful transformation of the once 34 room hotel. Great photos you have shared!

Light and Voices said...

Thanks for the cyber tour of Roanoke. I haven't ever been to this place. Your photographs are lovely.
Joyce M

Ms. Bake-it said...

Sounds like you had a fabulous trip down memory lane. I have not been to Roanoke but it looks like a lovely city and one I would love to visit. Such a beautiful hotel.

Thank you for the virtual tour and historical information!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

~ Tracy

Traci said...

The hotel is GORGEOUS!!!

Denise said...

Great pics, that hotel is just beautiful, inside and out.

Regina said...

Wonderful place and captures.
Thank you for sharing.
Happy Outdoor Wed.

Denise said...

Hi Amy, thanks for your comment, I would have emailed you back but can't see a link in your profile... just wanted to say I'm trying smoothie's and soups (trying to stay on liquids) for a few days to see if that will shift the pounds! I'll try to post to my 'healthy' blog and give an update soon :)

♥ Kathy said...

That hotel is gorgeous! I hope you had a great St. Patrick's Day and Outdoor Wednesday :)

Nancy said...

Thank you for sharing, Amy. Such beautiful pictures and wonderful insights to this lovely town on the other side of the world!

Cottage Cozy said...

I am having a "Blue Monday" Giveaway...come by and take a peek.

Have a terrific week!

Stay Cozy, Carrie