Sunday, May 9, 2010

In celebrating Mother's Day...I would like to share with you the latest picture I have with my 2 lovely daughters.  This was taken on friday evening.  My daughter to the right was having her 9th grade social and my daughter to the left just came home a few hours earlier from college for the summer.  I'm very lucky indeed to have my wonderful girls.  They're both blessings and to my mom and sister I would like to say that 'I love you'.
Happy Mother's Day to you my dear friends!


mbkatc230 said...

You have such beautiful girls! Isn't it fun to have your oldest home for the summer? Love this picture of the three of you, great shot. Hope you are having a wonderful Mothers Day. Kathy

Anonymous said...

Such joy these children bring us!!! Happy Mother's Day, Amy!

Diane said...

Beautiful girls, just like their Mom! Hugs, Diane

Diane said...

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Our Porch in Hillsborough said...

What a lovely picture of the three of you. I also really like the pictures on the previous post of your bird visitor!
Have a great week,