Monday, December 13, 2010

Not Just For Display

It's been said that someone else's trash is another person's treasure.  I certainly find this to be true.
My eclectic vintage collection of Christmas plates, cups, crystal glasses and silver were enthusiastically and lovingly obtained from garage sales and thrift shops.  Between their age, history, detail and beauty they're fit for a King.  These vintage treasures aren't for eyes only but are actually used.  I'm honored to be able to use them each and every Christmastime for entertaining with family and friends. I hope you enjoy glancing at them.  


Blondie's Journal said...

Beautiful treasures. I love the silver tray {I love all silver!}. How nice that you probably didn't have to pay a bundle!!

Thanks for stopping by and leaving your sweet comments. Have a good week and stay warm!


~~Carol~~ said...

I think our treasures mean so much more to us if we actually use them, instead of locking them behind glass. I really love those mugs. I've never seen a jollier looking Santa!

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Hi Amy,

I love the Santa mugs! How wonderful to have such beautiful and sentimental pieces.


Judy said...

I have just one of those plates. One of my favorite Christmas things!

Jane said...

Great pieces. I have always loved the winking Santa mugs, I have a few too!
Have a great week.