Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day

I think this poem sums it for me. Visiting Ireland is on my to do list.
Until I get there...I too will continue to dream. Happy St. Patrick's Day! ~amy

This Place Called Ireland
"So peaceful and calmly this place it seems to be, Yet I stare at it sadly for its thru a picture I see, this land far,far away from mine I watch the clock in patient time for someday soon I'll touch the sand of this calm place called Ireland. I can hear the Atlantic pounding so hard I can see the sun set by a still grave yard. I can feel the mist of a small seaport. I can feel the awe of Powerscourt*. I can feel the relief of the dew-settled field that in due time its crops will yield. I can hear the wolves crying out on the moor. I can taste the taste of the streams so pure So, someday soon, (I'm hoping) I'll be able to stand, and say I've finally made it to this place called Ireland." ~ Chantal O'Connor

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Joe64 said...

Thats a cool poem, i had a friend that went to ierland every year, well, she was actually my naber.
She usually went for a week or two over saint patrick's day. :]