Sunday, March 8, 2009

Lets Hear It For The "Lasts"

I remember when my children were babies and I was so caught up into their "firsts". The first time they smiled, talked, sat, walked. I couldn't wait to grab a pen and note every milestone in their baby journal. Now that my first child will be wrapping up her senior year in high school....I can't help but try to remember all of her lasts. When did she hold my hand for the last time when we were in a parking lot or crossed the street? When was the last time she sat on my lap and hugged me with the tightest bear hug she could give? How about that last butterfly kiss, the last time she gave me the secret code... that she loved me before she got on to the school bus each morning. Or the last time she crawled into bed with us at night because she was scared or just wanted to be cuddled. The last time she said "I'm going to live with you forever" or "Daddy I'm going to marry you." If only I had a crystal ball and I knew that the "lasts" were staring at me right in the face...I would of cuddled her a little longer, held her hand tighter and just savored the moment.

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KaysWay said...

You have such a wonderful way with words. Another great blog.