Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ist Official Photo's Of The New Puppy At Home

...so it has been a full week since we brought our new puppy home. When you bring a puppy home on top of dealing with your present dog it is a little hectic to say the least. "Tupper" our 2 year old cockapoo is just starting to cope with what came his way. He's been given a lot of extra loving. My daughter named our new puppy "Brody." He's a good boy but we are still definitely figuring out each other's habits. I think after a few more months of a lot of repetition we'll be OK.

I caught a Kodak moment this morning. The two dogs decided for the first time to play with each other....a little tug of war. Sorry for the blurry picture but you can see they are bonding.
I think they will be friends.


Cynthia's Cottage Design said...

Awwwww, How adorable Amy! what a cutie!

Enjoy!, the first few weeks are hard, but then they settle in and it gets easier, I have 2 dogs and at first I thought they were just as hard as a new born baby, lol, but it only took a few weeks of getting used to everything and then it's rewards rewards :)

Have fun and Congrats! Hugs, Cynthia

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Just look at that cute little puppy face!!!! He is as cute as cute can be. It will take a bit of time for the two to get used to each other, but they will be best of friends.

have fun!!


Joycee said...

We have a "senior" blonde cocker named Ben that we dote on! Love your blog and will keep you saved for baby gifts!
joy c. at grannymountain

natalieanddogs said...

The first days of having GSP is really difficult. They are really loyal dogs, thus, getting their trust aren't that easy too.

Natalie on german shorthaired pointer training