Friday, April 10, 2009

Dreaming....Planning Our Summer Retreat

We've decided we won't be taking a big trip this I think I'll try to make our outdoor living spaces more pleasant for my family and I. I invision it to be...kind of like our own little summer retreat.
We have a front porch and a back porch...both with roofs. I found this picture of a porch that structurally looks pretty similar to our back porch. I'm planning on adding area rugs, squishy pillows, maybe some vintage linens, lamps, rocking chairs, a wicker love seat with a cushion and whatever else I can find in the house that I'm not the twig flower box I have in the family room. I'll put it on the back porch and fill it with flower pots....oh lots of flowers and herbs. Can't forget an end table to set my drink and books on and XM Radio playing 40's music softly all day.

...and of course when you're on the porch'll have to have a wild flower garden to gaze upon. Yep...we're going to plant a wild flower garden. I am so excited about this! A few years back at our previous home...we planted wild flower seeds we bought from our local retailer and I think we could of had more flowers. This year we are going to use our wild flower seeds (100% flower seeds with no fillers) we got while visiting the Wild Flower Farm last summer just outside of Burlington, Vermont. I have big hopes for these seeds. Hoping for a lot more flowers. Calling all hummingbirds and Monarch Butterfly's!! I can't wait to start sculpting out the bed and adding more dirt and plant! I'll be sure to post pictures of the garden this summer providing it grows. No negative will flourish!! ~amy


annemarie said...

This is so beautiful - I love porches!

Cynthia's Cottage Design said...

What a gorgeous Post Amy! I love that porch, absolutely fabulous! I hope to get out and do mine too, I've done a few little things this month, but every time I get excited about setting it all up, it rains :) This week is supposed to be really nice again, so maybe tomorrow :)

Have a wonderful Easter!

Hugs , Cynthia

Photos 01 said...

I've been buying my seeds from WildSeedFarms outside of Fredericksburg, Texas. I love their seeds. This year I plan on planting a lot so I'll have plenty to pick and photograph them as still life images.

I wish I had a beautiful place, but we're building a home all by ourselves and my husband says we'll never get done!