Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Adirondack's....Lake Placid, NY, Vt. and Saratoga Springs Images

Below are a few pictures I took from our trip up in the North Country. Please scroll down and I'll describe each picture with a brief caption. Later this morning we are on our way to Fairport, NY for my dear friends daughters wedding. After that I'll drive to my mother's and spend a few days with her. I'll be back the beginning of next week. Have a warm and sunny weekend and Happy 4TH of July. ~amy

A view of Whiteface Mt. The largest mountain in New York State. This mountain was used during the 1932 and 1980 winter Olympics.

Driving down the highway entering Keene, NY. Majestic view.

Looking down Church Street in Burlington, Vt. This street is home to many retail shops and fine restaurants.

Our favorite hangout when we lived in Peru, NY. Rulf's bakes delicious pies and baked goods. We picked many blueberries and apples from their orchards. The evergreen garland they made and sold at Christmastime was big and mixed with many different evergreen and berries. Just lovely. Rulfs Orchard's definitely a gem up in the Adirondack's.

An old map of Rulf's Orchards.

On our way to Vt. via ferry.

View from ferry looking out at Lake Champlain.

Land of Make Believe in Upper Jay, NY (1954-1979)...created by Art Monaco who designed the original Cinderella Castle for Disney. He built this theme park right in his backyard. Everything was made in child size and children were encouraged to play and touch anything in the park. The local children in the hamlet were able to enter the park free of charge when ever they wanted through a special entrance. Uncle Monaco as he was called from the local children never had children of his own. The park closed in 1979 after several bouts of flooding. Art Monaco designed many theme parks during his 90 years. He died in 2003.

Land of Make Believe now.

Land of Make Believe then.

Land of Make Believe now.

Scenes from my favorite eatery in Lake Placid called The Cottage. Nice place to go for drinks, appetizers and
meals. I look forward to sitting on the deck every visit up there. The scenery is pretty.

Picture of the toboggan run.

Imagine starting out at the top of this structure and then you slide down it on a toboggan on to the frozen lake. When you hit the lake you glide forever!

Saratogo, NY. If you like horses you will love Saratoga. Home to many of the greatest horse events throughout the years.


These girls are always happy shopping.


D said...

I enjoyed your pictures, especially the ones of the kids theme park. Oh how I wish I could have visited it in it's hey day.
Sad that it's in the shape it's in today. Thanks for sharing. :)

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

What a gorgeous place to visit! Your daughters look like they are best of friends.


Bill Shor said...

This make me miss Saratoga Springs even more. Cant wait to visit the place again.

Anonymous said...

I love your blog. Many places are familiar to me as I also am quite frequently in the Adirondacks. I love vintage like you do. Always looking for "stuff."
The music is great. Your baby items are very nice. You sew beautifully. I was a home economics teacher but have retired and am now a college professor.
Looking forward to your blog next month.

L said...

Love your blog. I recognize so many of the Adirondack pictures as I go there frequently. Last year we were at the apple farm.
Your vintage baby items are beautiful. Best Wishes to you.
I look forward to viewing your September blog. I love vintage also.