Monday, July 6, 2009

It's Been A Memorable Month

It has been a memorable month. We have witnessed two graduations in our family. The birth of our beautiful niece Kylie and the wedding of my dear friend Joan's daughter. Sadly...we lost also. My nephews "Nana" who was our dear friend passed away last week. We'll miss her.

My daughter graduated on June 5TH.

Introducing our new niece Kylie.

My handsome nephew Kyle graduated on June 25TH.

Ann walking down the isle on July 3RD.

Such pretty peony bouquets.

Before dinner at the reception we had drinks and appetizers out on the terrace at Belhurst Castle in Geneva Lake, NY.

My girls and I in church.

At 10:00 we all gathered back onto the terrace and witnessed a spectacular display of fireworks. Just a lovely wedding!


Suzie Button said...

What lovely memories! Such gorgeous girls you have and an adorable baby there! Congratulations! Suzie

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Lots of congratulations going on here!!! What a beautiful, beautiful family you have, Amy!!!!
I like your hair, too!