Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I Had A Feeling I Would Like This

Kurt agreed to go to the movies with me last Saturday to see Julie & Julia. Leaving the house to go to the movies he comments to our neighbor across the way...that he was going to a "chick flick". Although...I think he would agree after watching this movie he found it amusing and some what inspirational...at least I did. I'm not a great cook but I want to explore more recipes now. I'm a blogger and I can appreciate Julie's enthusiasm played by Amy Adam's when she receives her first comment on her blog. I love the trip down memory lane. Meryl Streep and Amy Adam's what a combo! When I got home...I had to go on to ebay and see what Julia Child's first cook book "Mastering the Art of French Cooking (1961) first edition" was being auctioned for? Lets put it this way...a lot of other people that saw this movie were inspired too. For now....I'll just have to hope that someday I'll find this 1st edition cookbook at a garage sale...then I'll think I won the lottery! Something to search for!! ~amy


Stacey said...

I just came home from seeing the movie with my husband. I loved it! That Meryl Streep is just so great. You believe in her no matter what part she plays!

Life on an artistic shoestring said...

I can hardly wait to see this movie! But I always wait for them to come out on DVD so I can replay the good scenes again and again.

Janie's World said...

I just saw this last night and loved it too. It is lighthearted, funny and just a hoot!