Sunday, August 23, 2009

Keeping The Dream Alive

It's our dream that we'll be able to build a cabin/cottage getaway someday. I'm starting to hunt down items for it now. My husband thinks I'm a little a head of myself but when the time is here that we actually have the structure built...he'll be happy we have things to put in it! Right??? Inside the cottage we would like it to feel like you're stepping back in time...except with all of the conveniences of today. Since...we aren't in the building phase yet...searching for treasures keeps the dream alive! One step at a time.
Summer is gently fading. Enjoy your weekend!

When I saw these horse prints I knew I had to have them. The print and frame boasts 60's don't you agree?

I love the green background.

...and then look what I found.


stefanie said...

its always good to dream, dreams do come true, have a wonderful weekend

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

Oh my goodness...those plates I adore. And the paintings are wonderful too. Keep dreaming...and Stay Cozy, Carrie

Beverly said...

Love the plates! What a nice color.

silk purse said...

Utterly charming!.., I love the way you express yourself!.., I looked at your profile and other tidbits of info., in detail. Thanks for your kind comments; come by again soon. I'll certainly looks forward to more of your posts on your blog!.., (I also love Niagara -On -Th Lake).,, Hope that dream of a getaway home comes to fruituon; meanwhile your finds are delightful.., Cheers