Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Little Suitcases and Fabric Yo Yo's

I'll be linking with The Colorado Lady for Vintage Thingy Thursday.
 It's time to share with you some of my vintage finds from this summer.

How sweet are these suitcases?  What did the child who owned these use them for?  Did she use them to pack her clothes in on her way to grandmas's house?  Did she use them to store her toys?  Did she use them to store her doll clothes?  Now....I picture these treasures in a vintage decorated nursery stacked up on a shelf or displayed with a doll collection?

 I also found a bag full of fabric vintage yo yo's.  I thought...hmmm what to do with these?  I bought them and I knew exactly what I'd do with them.
Decorate lampshades?  Yep!

On a previous trip... I bought this vintage ceramic nursery lamp.  It came  without a shade.  I was puzzled on what to use for a shade.....until I brought those yo yo's home and a match was made in heaven! 


Blondie's Journal said...

Darling!! It's sweet that you were able to use something someone worked hard on. I wonder why they sold them? Great project!


Favourite Vintage Finds said...

Looks lovely! Great idea! xo

LV said...

That is a great idea for the lamp shade. I have a very vintage Yo Yo quilt.

heartfelt living said...

What a clever idea using the fabric yo yo's to make that sweet lamp shade! It looks perfect on your lamp.

Dixie said...

Great idea for using the yo-yos! Thanks for the tip!

Ann said...

I used to keep all kinds of goodies in my little round suitcase. They bring back so many memories.

C. Joy said...

What a great idea! My I borrow it? Are the yo-yo's glued on? I always wanted a little suitcase, maybe I should just go find me one. Thanks.