Wednesday, May 27, 2009

America The Beautiful

I know I'm not quite on cue here...but Memorial Day weekend is always busy and I'm not able to really concentrate on what this holiday represents. So the smoke has settled around here per say... the kids are back in school and my husband back at work. I can now reflect. I am thinking of how much I LOVE THIS COUNTRY! I...LOVE...THIS...COUNTRY!! No matter what party we as a citizen belong to...what differences we have...we are the most fortunate people in the in this land of ours. is because of those brave men and women who have given up their lives for the freedoms and security we now share. I am so grateful beyond words. I for one will never take their sacrifice nor their family's sacrifice for granted. For all of our military veterans and those serving in the military now...thank you for your service and keeping us safe. YOU are my hero's. YOU have sacrificed unselfishly on our behalf! YOU have kept America beautiful. ~amy

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Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

HOW did I miss your beautiful post on Memorial Day. I don't get around to everyone...but...I try.
I have tagged you to play a little game that will perhaps get you noticed.
Just list 6 "unimportant" things that make you smile...not as easy as it sounds! :)
Then just list 6 people from your favorites list to do the same.. have to do a lot of smiling...and more they won't feel it is work..
So..I am smiling at YOU. :)

I don't get to everyone...but..I am wondering if you save your comments to look at privately and then post them as some do? That could be why I am seeing none.
I NEVER have the honor of being first on anyones post! I!
Hugs to you. do NOT have to do is not a must..but I have highlighted your someone may pop in on you...
More hugs!
P.S. MORE smiles too! :)