Monday, May 18, 2009

Pittsford, NY

Hi there! I just got back from a great trip visiting my friend Joan in Fairport, NY. family and I used to live in Fairport (which is outside of Rochester, NY). I love and miss it still.
On this trip Joan and I would wake up early each morning and walk along the canal from Fairport to Pittsford and then back. I am thinking the distance between the two villages is 5 miles. We then would stop at "Canal Roasters" one of the local coffee shops and get our Chi Tea...sit and talk. Each day we would go shopping, lunch, (did I mention shopping?), dinner with drinks and then settle in for the night. We did this for 4 days straight. What a wonderful time I had. I am hoping we'll get transferred back there again but who knows.
Below are a few images of Pittsford. I will share some more pictures of Fairport later this week. There is so much history in this region along with various sites to see....NY State winery's, the finger lakes, skiing, shopping, museums, the Erie Canal, Canal Days, ALOT of antique shops, fantastic restaurants and so much more. This regions natural beauty is lush and I long to be back there permanently....although it is good to be back home. My new puppy "Brody" is growing like a weed. I hope you enjoy the pics.


Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

I loved your photos!! Sounds like a fun day!!! Those Adirondack chairs are my fav!!


Stacey said...

Hi Amy. I saw your picture of Pittsford when I was visiting Cynthia's Cottage Design. I live in Oklahoma but one of my very best friends in the world lives in Fairport! We always visit Pittsford when I am there. It was fun to see your pictures.

Connie said...

Hi Amy, Oh it was so nice seeing your pictures of Fairport and surrounding sites. The only one I didn't recognize and liked it best was the different colored chairs. Is that in Fairport ?
I am from Oswego, but I went to college here and live in Brighton now.
It's small world, isn't it ?
Now I will go back and read your blog.
Have a good holiday weekend.

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

More gorgeous photo's! JUST beautiful! I am still going backward in time.. :)