Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Fairport, NY

Here are the pictures I promised you of Fairport, NY. I went there to visit my friend the week before last and if you must know...I am longing for the day when we will be able to move back. Fairport was at one time a busy canal port. Now the Erie canal in Fairport and Pittsford is mainly used for recreation. It's a vibrant village that not only is lovely but the citizens have made it a true community. Fairport will be hosting Canal Days on June 6TH. It's a fun weekend. The New York State wine region boarders Fairport also. Just a little tid bit...when we were still living there...we ran into Cher at "Lickity Splits" one of the local ice cream shoppes along the canal. She was taking the boat tour on the canal and stopped to get ice cream. I know it doesn't make me a movie star or anything but can you imagine? What a surprise that was! I hope you get to visit this part of the country some time. I don't think you'd be disappointed ~amy

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Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

What gorgeous pictures you have posted. I loved them..I am going back for a second look! I must see how new your blog is...
Once again there are no comments...and there should be some..although...I remember when I first started..I had nothing for awhile! NOTHING! I was discouraged. I must follow back and see when you started...
YOu have followers..so I know you have been spotted! :)
Your blog is lovely as is your music. I never even bothered to put music on mine. At first I didn't know how..and now...it doesn't matter..but I LOVE yours!!!