Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Which Way Are The Slopes?

I'll be linking to Vintage Thingy Thursday hosted by Suzanne at Colorado Lady.

In keeping with the spirit of winter.  I would like to show you my pick for this weeks Vintage Thingy Thursday.
I bought these ceramic skiers a few years back.  I thought they were sweet.  They're both planters but I couldn't  imagine where you would put the plant?  The planter is so small in the back.  Nonetheless...I really like their detail and colors.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Picture Show

I was working up in my work room yesterday and the sun was setting.  I couldn't help but notice the silhouette on the wall from the suns reflection.  So peaceful and warm in the midst of winter.  A picture show. 

Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Adirondack's...We Had A Wonderful Time At The Dartbrook Lodge

Thank you Susan from A Southern Daydreamer for hosting another fun Outdoor Wednesday. 

I would like to share with you an earlier post.  I posted this in June...before I had the pleasure of participating in Outdoor Wednesday's. 
Please schroll down and read about one of our visit's to Keene, NY and our stay at the Dartbrook Lodge. 

On the babbling brook in Keene, NY is the Dartbrook Lodge... 

Posted on 6/22/09

Hello! I hope your last week was lovely! We had a great trip up in the North Country. The Dartbrook Lodge in Keene, NY is where we spent the bulk of our nights. I can't get enough of this lodge. It's rustic. The staff is gracious and the grounds and decor are beautiful with wild flowers amongst the pine and birch trees. From the property you can see the Adirondack high peaks and hear a babbling brook. Yes...there really is a brook at Dartbrook Lodge! Please enjoy the pictures below of the main lodge and its porch. I hope you can see through the pictures how special this property is. It's like stepping back in time except with all of the amenities of today.  Craftsmanship at its best.  Tomorrow I'll show you pictures of the inside of the cottage we stayed in and some of the other cottage's that they let me peak inside. I hope you enjoy a warm and sunny summer day! ~amy

An outside view of the main lodge.

Notice the bark siding.

Plenty of places to sit, relax, read a book and just take it all in.

Pretty lamp on the reception desk in the main lodge.

The front of the reception desk. Look at all of those twigs.

Bench in the reception area.

These stars hanging from the porch ceiling light up at night. They were so pretty!

Checkers anyone?

Some more rustic furniture on the porch. These were big rocking chairs.

If you're interested in seeing the inside of the cottages I posted earlier of the Dartbrook lodge...please follow these links...

Inside Dartbrook Lodge 6/23/09 
Inside Dartbrook Lodge 6/24/09

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The High Peaks Timberloft....Keene, NY

Thank you Susan from A Southern Daydreamer for hosting another fun Outdoor Wednesday!

Nestled in the Mountains up in the High Peaks of the Adirondacks...

14 miles from Lake Placid, NY....

Off of route 73....

Near the bakery....

Across from the church.....

On the Ausable River.....

Is the Timberloft.  Won't you come in for a spell? a board a book

and look at the pretties.

Special touches like this make all the difference....don't you agree?

There's a comfy bed up in the loft and below. 

The kitchen in the Timberloft is well equipped and functional.  You can prepare anything from a light snack to a full meal. The option is yours.  More fresh flowers on the island. 

Lighting up the wood stove on a cool autumn night or after a day at the slopes is warm and inviting.

The bathroom has it's own little outhouse (plumbed of course) and the windows over look the river.

Another view of the kitchen.

Two charming windows up in the loft overlooking the woods and river.  The rustling of the leaves and the sound of the water flowing is relaxing and music to my ears.

I hope you've enjoyed your tour of the Timberloft.  Please stop by if you're ever up in Keene, NY.  I'm sure Hannah and Scott would love to have you visit.   We enjoy our visits for sure.  They're wonderful hosts.   ~amy

Sunday, January 3, 2010


The wind was blowing and white outs were abundant. The temps were frigid and it's the kind of day that beckoned me to stay put in the house...light up a fire, make some chicken soup for the family and keep warm and cozy.

Oh look what we have here...we're getting a package. Although...the mail man couldn't seem to get his truck to back up the drive. I rooted for him to keep trying! I wouldn't want to walk out in that beast of a storm either.

Nope. It didn't happen. Between the incline and the driveway not being shoveled...his truck couldn't get the traction to get up it. Mr. Mailman....thank you for enduring the storm to get our mail up to us. We really do appreciate it! We're forcast for pretty much the same weather today. Brrrr.... ~amy