Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Porch Rocking Chair

On our front porch my husband and I sit on our rockers after he comes home from work.   We enjoy a glass of wine before dinner and talk about the days activities.  It's a special time for us to reconnect.   Enjoying nature's beauty from our porch sheltered from the hot evenings sun and good conversation is a simple pleasure for sure.  I don't take these simple pleasures for granted.  I treasure them.  Daniel S. McTaggart explains lovely in this poem.

Old Chair on the Porch

of all the rocking chairs on that porch
the old one was the one
everybody fought to sit in

even though the other two
were brand new
with flowered cushions and pads

the old one wobbled and creaked
and paint flaked off in chips
both large and small

yet somehow it molded
to the comfort of those
who managed to win its seat

maybe they weren't aware
of paint flecks sticking to their clothes
after they left the porch

but talks they had over lemonade
from that old chair made sure
they took a piece of it with them anyway

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Backroads ~ A Family Reunion

We had a terrific and fun week at Montana's Glacier National Park.    We had a family reunion and we all participated in an active travel vacation through 'Backroads'.  The 'Backroads' staff put up and took down our tents.  They cooked and did the dishes for us.  They were superb guides.  They cheered us on!!  They played games with us and were positive, knowledgeable, personable and energetic all the while.  They really did their best to accommodate us!

We traveled cross country by train to get there.

In the park we toured by boat.

We hiked.

We biked.

The kids went horseback riding.

We participated in skits.

Some went whitewater rafting.

We played games.

We ate

and ate.

We socialized.

We never got our fill of the magestic scenery.

Some slept in tee pees.

We all slept in tents.

We saw moose.

We saw bear.

We saw elk and

...mountain goat.

After our goodbys...we boarded a plane back home and brought back with us priceless memories.  Thank you Craig and Lori for making this trip happen!!