Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Adare, Ireland....Our Journey Continues

 Irish cottages were historically the homes of farm workers and laborers, but in recent years the term has assumed a romantic connotation especially when referring to cottages with thatched roofs. 

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Adare, Ireland....Our Journey Continues

On day three in Ireland we went to Galway University.  We walked around the grounds and I saw this Harry Potterish statue.  At least I thought it was reminiscent of Harry Potter but my nephews and daughter's didn't think twice about it and so it goes.....

I thought the architecture on campus was lovely with the arched windows and the exterior walls covered in vines.

Galway City was bustling with people shopping and dining out.

We visited St. Nicholas' Collegiate Church.  It's the largest medieval parish church in Ireland and is still in constant use.

After traveling back 1 1/2 hours to our lovely villa in Adare Manor...we ate dinner.  Then we ended the night going for a nightcap at the castle.  Here is my brother and husband singing a duet together.  What a day! 

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Adare, Ireland....Our Journey Continues

Our second day in Ireland was quite eventful and we enjoyed ourselves.  The weather today is in the low 60's and sunny. 
We started the day doing a little shopping at Blarney Woolen Mills in the county of Cork. 
  They have everything you could imagine to buy.  Yes....they even have wool yarn.

In town I passed by this butcher shop.  It was so clean and pretty.

After shopping we needed to find a place to relax and eat lunch.  So we stopped here.

The pub is just as cute on the inside as the outside!  I snapped a picture of the family.  We'll meet up with brother number two and his family tonight.

After lunch we headed out to the Blarney Castle for some sightseeing.

Here's the Blarney castle.  We'll be climbing up it in order to kiss the Blarney Stone.

I couldn't take a bad picture if I tried.

My daughter kissing the Blarney Stone.  Legend has it....if you kiss the stone you acquire the gift of gab.  If you've never kissed the stone before.... you need to lay on the ground on your back while holding on to steel bars   The opening under you is a couple hundred feet drop. The opening has a few bars extending from side to side to prevent you 
from falling trough.

The Blarney House.  Was built after the Blarney Castle.  
Apparently...the original castle was outdated as far as castles go.

Before we left the grounds of the Barney Castle...I just had to take one more picture.

Our drive back into the manor.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

To Adare, Ireland....Our Journey

Good morning to you.  We arrived in Dublin at 5:15 AM this morning.  We're tired but are very excited to start our vacation in Ireland.  We'll be traveling to the picturesque town of Adare which is about a 2.5 hour drive from Dublin.  We rented a car for the week.  Adare will be our home base and from there we'll take day trips driving to various sights in the Southwest portion of Ireland.  Apparently.....we'll experience beautiful coastal scenes.  My brother and his family took the same flight as us into Dublin.  We'll each rent our own cars and we'll hook up with brother number two and his family tomorrow evening in Adare.  We'll be staying at the villas in Adare Manor.

Here is my nephew waiting at Dan Dooley's car rental.

As we traveled through Dublin to the highway or the carriage road as they say...we spot the the typical row house.

The entrance to Adare Manor where we'll be staying for the next 6 nights.

Our home away from home.

The next few pics are some of the lovely scenes of Adare Manor's grounds.

I'm very excited to see my first pub in charming Adare.  I can't get over the vibrant colors of the buildings.

The weather today is off and on rain and sun.  Here's a picture approaching the main street.

One of the many thatched roofed houses in the village.

Lunch time at the pub.  My first taste of Guiness.

The soup tasted heavenly and the brown soda bread is very, very good.

We ended the night at another pub called Murphy's and listened to Irish music. I'm pooped and looking forward to a goodnights rest.  I can't wait to get started tomorrow.