Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Back to Pinehurst

When we arrived home from Pinehurst....there was a message from the owners of the cottage that we had left the note inside their mail box. Apparently....the cottage was up for sale but was taken off of the market and was now a rental property. That's why the house was empty for the time being. They said they would be interested in selling. BINGO! The next weekend we drove back down to Pinehurst to view it. Here are some pics we took. The house is not quite 1000 sq. feet. We thought along with the contractors and architect it had good bones. A sign on top of the front entry outside door reads... "Merimack Cottage." We decided to pursue this house and we made an offer.  Come visit me at Pinehurst Cottage I'd love for you to follow and give me your input.  ~Amy

Living Room

Breakfast Nook

Rear Bedroom

Front Bedroom

Exterior Side View

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Havapoo Puppy All Grown Up

Recently....I received a comment concerning my havapoo puppy. I had posted a picture of him as a pup a while ago and this particular blogger wanted to see what he looked like all grown up! So here he is as a puppy.....
and here is my havapoo puppy all grown up! He is never far away from his brother who is the handsome cockapoo behind him.