Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Adirondack's....And More Pictures Of The Inside Of Dartbrook Lodge Cottage's

As I promised here are the additional pictures of the interiors of the other cottage's on the property. Click on the pictures to get a bigger and closer view.

This cottage had a different configuration then the one we stayed in. It had a separate bedroom. Ours was more of a studio.

This kitchen had the same stained wood kitchen cabinets as the one we stayed in but had a different configured kitchen and not a breakfast nook.

Nice idea for added storage space for pots and pans.

Simple Adirondack molding.

Added touches for rustic charm.

More beams.

Here is another cottage. I liked the configuration of this one. It had more of an open floor plan.

The kitchen in this cottage had all open shelving cabinets on the lower and upper cabinets. I love the little farmers sink and the little plaid curtains are adorable.

It's amazing how you can configure these small kitchen spaces to be functional.

...and more wild flowers!

I hope you enjoyed the pictures of the main lodge and the cottage's. I am beside myself when I see nice interiors. I graduated many, many years ago with a degree in interior design and even though I never worked in the field.....I can spend a whole vacation or for that matter anytime looking at decorated spec houses. I know it's a sickness but I love interiors. I'm going out of town again tomorrow. Monday I will post pictures of sites from the rest of our vacation up in the Adirondacks, Vermont and Saratoga! Have a sunny and warm weekend!! ~amy

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Adirondack's...Inside The Dartbrook Lodge here are the pictures I promised to show you of the inside of our cottage at the Dartbrook Lodge. I'll post more pictures tomorrow of the inside of the other cottage's since there are so many pictures I'm posting today. The reason I'm posting so many pictures of this cottage is because the interior decorating was delightful. The owners paid special attention to detail and since these are not big was wisely used. Please take a gander at the photos and I hope you see what I mean. When I walked in these cottage's I felt like I was in make believe land. It was so much fun. Click on the pictures for a closer view. Now for the tour!

I know this isn't an inside picture but I loved how the stone is stacked beneath the porch?

Please come in....

Main living area

Here is their version of the do not disturb sign that also served as a room freshner. It was filled with needles of white pine. It made the cottage smell so wonderful!

Little lamp on the twig dresser. So pretty.

This housed the TV and DVD player.

Unit opened to expose the TV and DVD player.

The dresser that the pretty little lamp sat on. The bathroom door is to the left and the kitchen is to the right. So cute!

Very comfy bed!

Looking at the kitchenette. I loved the idea of the curtains that could be pulled across for privacy.

Different view of entering the kitchen.

Upper kitchen shelves. Too cute. Stained red.

Closer view of the shelves.

Just gets cuter and cuter! Check out the window shutters and the built in breakfast nook. All are stained the same color red as the kitchen cabinets and shelves.

Yes...when you look out of the kitchen window you see wild flowers!

Oh...isn't there suppose to be a mirror above the bathroom sink?

When You shut the fabric shutter there is a mirror on the other side. Genius!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Off We Go....

Off we go in the morning up to the Adirondacks. We'll also be spending a few nights in Burlington, VT and then Saratoga Springs, NY. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for decent weather. I'll be a picture taking machine. I just got a new camera and I'll be testing it out. Have a great week and I'll be back June 22! ~amy

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Take Time To Enjoy The Simple Things

My daughter took this video a few years back from our wild flower garden. I'm so glad she took the time to video this. Nature at its finest....don't you think? Some times the simple things can be the most beautiful. I I hope you enjoy it. ~amy

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A LIttle "Tupper" Time I took our new puppy "Brody" to the groomers for his very first hair cut thus enabling "Tupper" our 2 year old cock-a-poo a little alone time with me. Here are a few pictures I took of him. I don't know if he was happy for the undivided attention from me or was he wondering where is that black furry fire ball named "Brody" know that puppy that has uprooted his life...for the better of course?