Friday, November 26, 2010

Somewhere Between Thanksgiving And Christmas

Thanksgiving day dinner is over and now anticipation for Christmas has begun.  I hope you had a lovely day yesterday and you were blessed to spend it with those that you love.  Our day with each other centered around preparing good food along with good conversation.  This year we ate dinner early in the afternoon and the rest of the day we simply relaxed, watched movies, ate and drank.  It was overcast, cold and windy outside.  The kind of day to cozy up around a blazing fire.  It was the perfect day!   
I have so much to thank God for...a wonderful family, friendships, a roof over our heads, good food, my continuous journey for a stronger faith, hope and love.  
While the hustle and bustle of this Christmas season has officially begun....let me always be aware that the decorating, baking, entertaining and gift giving is all done in anticipation for the birth of Our Savior Jesus Christ.  Wishing you joy and peace in your preparations for this Christmas Season.  ~amy    

Monday, November 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Patty

I hope you like the music I accompanied with your birthday post.
It brings back memories...doesn't it?
It was wonderful seeing you this weekend.
I hope you have a lovely day
 a spectacular year!
I love you.
Your sister,

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Dreamy Sunset In The Valley

Here in the valley the hues on the trees have all but faded but the sunsets are bursting with color.  The soft, warm and gentle light of Autumn evenings will give way shortly.  Here's a glimpse of our Autumn sunset.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sweet Mommy ~ My Friend.

At best this last month has been challenging for myself and my family.  My sweet mom passed away after a ten day illness.   Her void is numbing to me and I'm thankful that with the grace of God my pain will ease as the days drift on. 

What I find difficult now not being able to grieve with her as I always had when a loved one passed.  It was therapeutic for both of us.  Now I grieve without her.

I have observed her throughout my life and she had taught me well.  She was strong for my dad when he was ill and even stronger in rebuilding her life without him.  She was simple with her possessions but extravagant with her personal relationships which included her love for Our Lord, the Virgin Mary, her husband,  children, grandchildren, extended family and friends.  She went to church, studied the bible, belonged to a prayer group, volunteered, belonged to her seniors group and still lunched with her same bunch of friends that she knew as a child.  When my youngest daughter was 2 years old and choking on a piece of candy....while I was frazzeled...she calmly, quickly and meticulously picked her up, held her upside down by her feet and hit her on the back.  The candy came spewing out.  She saved my daughter's life.  I would say her life was full in every way.

I think my sister put it so lovely.  "Mom was our first love and it's hard to say goodbye".

As we sat with her as she was fading away like the morning dew from this life into the next....I couldn't help but think.  "Be not afraid.  You shall see the face of God and live".  Her spirit will live in my heart forever.   I love you mommy.  ~amy

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

If you don't vote....

then you can't complain.  We've been blessed to have the right to vote.  Embrace it!!

This wonderful image of a vintage voting machine was taken from  Thank you!